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Project/Operational Methodologies and Best Practices

Today's technology and systems are becoming critical to the success and ongoing operations of your business. Public companies that are publically traded and filing under SEC jurisdiction that are required to maintain "good" management practices. Other companies that are involved in Healthcare and Scientific Research with regulatory filiings including those supporting manufacturing may face similar rigour that face the regulatory standards set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Canada and various ISO standards.

Living with the Regulatory Challenge.

JHKR Consulting Group has a proven track in the establishment of "good" management practices for a broad range of clients. . The establishment of these practices involve the development of policies, procedures and best practices. Based industry standard practices we can assist in the development of the means to measure the effectiveness of your controls. JHKR Consulting Group has a framework that incorporates evidence collection practices into the structure of your day-to-day operations thereby reducing the burden of these requirements in terms of cost, time of collection and use of your valuable labor.

Our framework allows us to "right size" to your business environment. Our team focuses on the delivery of the optimal solutions that strikes the balance between cost effectiveness while achieving quality delivery to you and your stakeholders.

JHKR Consulting Group will adapt its methodology to your specific industry sector, compliance challenge and/or regulatory challenge.

Management &
"good" Practices


JHKR Consulting Group has experience in the establishment of "good" management practices based on your company's legislative mandates. We can assess need and work with your compliance consultants or team to satisfy your governance requirements while ensuring that the process is sensitive to costs and ongoing compliance audit requirements.

Please contact us so we can share our experience with you.

Practical Applications of Methodologies


JHKR Consulting Group has exposure and experience to both Project Management, Operational Management and Systems Development Methodologies. These methods offer key elements to ensure that your projects are managed, meet your standards and support your strategic goals.

We have learned to strike a balance between effective and cost and can working with you to establish "practical" use of these practices within your setting while balancing risk and cost..

IT and Systems Management Framework


JHKR Consulting Group has experience in the development of IT and Systems management structures that can meet your corporate, governance and legislative requirements.

Our firm has experience with industry standards management practices in financial, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation and government sectors. This includes large scale capital initiatives.



Our Mission:

"Leverage our team , experience and effectiive use of technology to support the achievement of your strategic goals"


Ensuring that technology supports your strategic goals and provides a positive return on investment.

This is accomplished through the establishment of a management and operational framework that supports continuous performance improvement and cost savings.

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