JHKR Consulting Group has been serving businesses since 1991.
Let us assist you in the acheivement of your strategic goals by leveraging empowering technologies and systems.

Our Work

Established in 1991 JHKR Consulting Group has built an extensive client list as it has been asked to serve medium to large scale organizations. Our company can lead the creation of applied solutions based on your vision and compliance mandates.. We are known for putting your goals first and leveraging all tools, skills and systems at our disposal to maximize your investment while minimize costs.

Management and Business Consulting Services


JHKR Consulting Group can conduct analysis and working with your business develop strategic and business implementation plans.

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Enterprise Technology Development Services


JHKR Consulting Group can assist in developing your business environment to meet with current demand and challenges while leveraging existing

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Project Management


JHKR Consulting Group can management your team or assist in the construction of a team leading to the successful implementation of your solutions.

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Project Integration Planning
and Management


JHKR Consulting Group can assist in your project and implemetation needs. Based our experience we can develop effective plans and reduce implementation risk. Given our experience in both pubic and private sectors we can assist in workgroup facilitation and team buidling.
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Capital Projects
IT Infastructure and Systems


JHKR Consulting Group can assist you with your capital expansion and retrofit projects. We can carry your needs from design through construction to final completion and transition to your operations team.

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Application Development Management


JHKR Consulting Group can lead the development of your strategic applications, conversions and business transformation projects.


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Our Mission:

"Leverage our team , experience and effectiive use of technology to support the achievement of your strategic goals"


Ensuring that technology supports your strategic goals and provides a positive return on investment.

This is accomplished through the establishment of a management and operational framework that supports continuous performance improvement and cost savings.

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