"Leverage our team , experience and effectiive use of technology to support the achievement of your strategic goals"


About Us

JHKR Consulting Group was established in 1991. The company has served many public and private sector clients since its infancy. JHKR Consulting has scaled to meeting the demands of its client base by team building with a host of providers, client staffers, consultants and service providers.


Our firm places your strategic objectives in focus. Carrying this focus forward JHKR Consulting leverages our team's skill set to enhance your business and strive to meet your strategic targets.

We have a host of resources at our disposal and build our teams to suit your need, corporate culture, industry sector and meet your mandates.

JHKR Consulting has been called to assist many organizations in both public and private sectors. We provide management consulting services and various forms of technology to assist in the achievement of your goals.

Who Are We?

We are a team offering a broad range of services that allow us to support your goals.

As the business, technical and human resource environment changes we can asssit in the development of your strategic and business plans to pursue new business areas while leveraging your strengths and developing tools to build your practice and protect you from threats to your business.

We have served the industry since 1991 and have developed teams to serve our client base while observing trends in business, public service organzations and non-government organizations for the delivery of products and services.

Our experience and relationships in the industry can assist the development of realistic targets, timelines and project/program budgets to set appropiriate expectations for your stakeholders or capture your market share.

Management and Business Consulting Services


JHKR Consulting Group Inc. can assist your business in the honing of your vision, establishment of your strategies and the development of your implementation plans.

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Enterprise Technology Development Services


JHKR Consulting Group Inc has developed enterprise technologies to support a broad range of companies in various industry sectors. Leverage your present investment along with new technologies JHKR Consulting can assist you in the development of your Enterprise services.

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Project, Development and Operations Management


JHKR Consulting Group has a proven track record in project management ranging from captial expansion projects to application development. Based on JHKR Consulting Group's tested management framework it can assist you in balance cost versus effectiveness when considering your governance and management requirements.

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Our Mission:

"Leverage our team , experience and effectiive use of technology to support the achievement of your strategic goals


Ensuring that technology supports your strategic goals and provides a positive return on investment.

This is accomplished through the establishment of a management and operational framework that supports continuous performance improvement and cost savings.

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