JHKR Consulting Group has been serving businesses since 1991.
Let us assist you in the acheivement of your strategic goals by leveraging empowering technologies and systems.

Consulting and Advisory Services

Established in 1991 JHKR Consulting Group has built an extensive client list as its been asked to serve medium to large scale organizations. Our company can provide advisory services that allow you to narrow your focus to conduct a step-wise analysis on your most vital issues and strategic concerns.

JHKR Consulting Group with a Proven Track Record in Consulting and Advisory Services.

Enterprise Development

Data CenterJHKR Consulting Group has the experience in Business Needs Assessment and IT Planning for your business or enterpise. We place your goals first and remain vendor neutral when recommending solutions.

We have access to a host of resources throughout industry that we can engage them as desired to allow you to customize your desired solution and implementation method.

Transformation to Cloud

JHKR Consulting Group can assist with your corporate strategy for the transformation to the cloud.

Based on our experience with current cloud solutions we can assist with the design, establishment of migration techniques, implementation, and testing of your cloud solutions.


Business Insight

PMAppsJHKR Consulting Group can provide business insight by leveraging our experience and analytical techniques in the development of Business Strategies and Implementation Plans. We can allow you to continue to protect your current business as we develop convergence strategies for your future goals.

We keep your goals in focus and consider options that are scalable but are "right sized" for your short term challenges and long term success.

Project/Operational Methodologies and Best Practices

Today's technology and systems are becoming critical to the success and ongoing operations of your business. Public companies who are public or are filing with a market under SEC jurisdiction are required to maintain "good" management practices. Other companies that are involved in Healthcare, Scientific Research with regulatory filiings and those of you in manufacturing may face the regulatory challenge.

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Our Mission:

"Leverage our team , experience and effectiive use of technology to support the achievement of your strategic goals"


Ensuring that technology supports your strategic goals and provides a positive return on investment.

This is accomplished through the establishment of a management and operational framework that supports continuous performance improvement and cost savings.

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