JHKR Consulting Group has been serving businesses since 1991.
Let us assist you in the acheivement of your strategic goals by leveraging empowering technologies and systems.

Project Management

Established in 1991 JHKR Consulting Group has built an extensive client list as its been asked to serve medium to large scale organizations. Our company can lead the creation of applied solutions based on your vision and regulatory or compliance requirements. . We are known for putting your goals first and leveraging all tools, skills and systems at our disposal to maximize your investment while minimize costs.

JHKR Consulting Group with a Proven Track Record in Project Management

IT Infrastructure

Data CenterJHKR Consulting Group has the experience and ability to carry your IT infrastructure through their full life cycle. We have successfully completed IT infrastructure initiatives for:

- Provincial Government
- Municipal Governments
- Federal Authorities
- Health Sector/BioPharma Companies
- Special Operating Agencies
- Crown Corporations.

Capital Improvements

PMCapitalJHKR Consulting Group can assist you with your large scale projects with interdisciplinary teams. Our firm has assisted organinzations as part of their IT-IS Project Team for large scale building projects.

We are able to balance concurrent projects and supporting mission critical operations. During the delivery of theses projects we work to maintain relationships with corporate sponsors and external stakeholders. In addition, we are capable negotiating and coordinating with various internal resources and external providers.

Application Management

PMAppsJHKR Consulting Group can assist you with your systems development and application implementation projects. JHKR Consulting Group has a proven track record in Environment, Education Health, Insurance and Transportation sectors.

JHKR Consulting Group has teamed with the federal government on behalf of the province of BC. We have worked cooperatively with Bioscience, BioPharma and Healthcare firms in Canada, Europe and the United States.

Project/Operational Methodologies and Best Practices

Today's technology and systems are becoming critical to the success and ongoing operations of your business. Public companies who are public or are filing with a market under SEC jurisdiction are required to maintain "good" management practices. Other companies that are involved in Healthcare, Scientific Research with regulatory filiings and those of you in manufacturing may face the regulatory challenge.

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Our Mission:

"Leverage our team , experience and effectiive use of technology to support the achievement of your strategic goals"


Ensuring that technology supports your strategic goals and provides a positive return on investment.

This is accomplished through the establishment of a management and operational framework that supports continuous performance improvement and cost savings.

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